Exploring Life After Life

One View of the 5th Dimension

One View of the 5th Dimension

This is my vision of where in the 5th dimension I expect to be when I die. I write about this to provide a view of the 5th, even though limited, in order to allow others to realize the rich and varied experiences possible. Let these ideas inspire, not influence or limit, you. Mine is only one potential. Imagine what yours and others might involve. The afterlife we will experience is not simply reviewing our past incarnations or just enjoying a harmonious, heavenly stress-free environment. While that may be true for some, although not usually until you reach higher levels of the 5th or other dimensions, there is much more to our next adventure. I invite you to join me as I describe, in blog posts on this page, my future to help you realize yours. There is no need to have that answer now. Trust that you know more than you think about your future assignment, because it is simply a matter of remembering what you already know and, most often, a continuation and variation of what you are already doing.


My Guide Revealed

My source of information on the 5th dimension is my spiritual guide who resides there. I simply present what is given to me, revised and edited for publication.

I was contacted by my guide about 20 years ago. Our relationship progressed over the years, some of which I documented in my novel, As the Light of Venus Rose (2015), a fictional account based on a combination of facts and fantasy. My awareness of him and our relationship has continued to develop. His name is Avedar.

I eventually learned that he was a dragon, yes I do have a dragon as one of my spiritual guides. That may not surprise any readers who have had encounters with unusual beings; however, this was a complete surprise to me and my limited contact with other creatures and dimensions. I had not previously known of the existence of dragons on other dimensions or ones who function as guides to humans. Again, since I document this in my novel, I won’t repeat an explanation here, except to say that day I realized he was a dragon and then confirmed it with him. Yes, he is a male dragon. Even on certain levels of the 5th dimension, both genders exist.

Most of the information provided to me in the earlier years came through books I was led to read. I learned to use a pendulum years ago from an amazing and wonderful teacher, healer, and author, Hanna Kroeger in Boulder, Colorado in the mid 80s. Although she has passed, her herb store continues today. I persist in using a pendulum often to check foods and supplements but am most drawn to test for books that further my spiritual progress. We are all led to whatever tools, methods or information we need. Since I have always been an avid reader, there is no surprise that books would be my main source of inspiration. While also directed to certain movies for guidance, as the recent Star Wars series, my main focus, especially in the last two years, has been books.

As a teacher, I always encourage others to listen to their inner guidance and follow their path. My guide admonished, as quoted in my novel, “Everyone has a different role. Accept yours.” I encourage each of you to do the same. We all have special gifts and goals. At the right time, we are provided a glimpse of what the role might be. Despite the initial contact with my guide, over 20 years passed until I received further insight. Many seekers will discover their role sooner. If not, do not be impatient, which I learned does not move time any faster.

In 2017, I was provided the opportunity to learn more about the 5th dimension. Excited and curious, I am now given answers when I simply sit quietly, ask and then write.


What is the 5th Dimension?

Let’s clarify two views of the 5th dimension. The first is the idea that humans are achieving a higher vibration and “Ascending” to the 5th dimension. Individuals will experience this differently. The higher vibration will not currently take humans off the planet nor transport them to a different physical place but will significantly alter and shift their awareness. The 5th dimension discussed in this Ascension is a state of mind or consciousness, not an actual place.

Ridge Keough, in an article “Understanding the 5th dimension” on the spiritualunite.com website, explains that our sights, sounds, and tastes change as we raise our vibrations. We also tend to have a “heightened state of awareness, compassion and knowledge…” “As we align to higher dimensions, we gain more awareness of the multitude of dimensions.”

The second view of 5th dimension, the one that I am describing and discussing in these articles, is not on earth and can only be reached after one dies. This is where I expect to spend my life after death. My guide exists on the 5th dimension, although he explains that he is a “5th to 7th” entity, meaning he can move through those three. What is confusing for us is that even on the 5th dimension, there are many levels. I will be going to a lower level of the 5th where certain aspects are more similar to “physical” earth than is true of higher levels of the 5th or other dimensions. Each of us has a certain role or destiny which helps determine where we will go next. For most of us, this will be where we spend our “life after life” while preparing and waiting for our next incarnation or assignment.

Science confirms there are other dimensions. The Superstring Theory of physics discusses 10 dimensions, most of them impossible for humans to see. According to information on alchemyrealm.com, the universe is much more complex that we can imagine, including 9 physical dimensions, and we are only capable of seeing this 3rd dimension.

Most higher 5th dimension beings choose not to, or cannot, lower their vibrations enough to appear on the 3rd. Some humans have the ability to visit the 5th at times but not live there. It is all about vibrations. When we die, we go to the 4th dimension, which is seen as a transitional place. This 4th dimension, with the added dimension of time, is best described, as by Gregg Prescott, as similar to our dream world where we are aware of events but the timeline is nonlinear and complicated. Nonlinear events do not occur in a straight line, unlike in our linear world where one event logically follows another. The 4th is less dense, more fluid; fear can still exist there.  The 4th is considered a bridge. We do not remain there, unless we have chosen to fight against or ignore our death, such as illustrated in the TV show “The Ghost Whisperer.” A simple version of what happens when most of us will die is that we will be greeted by loved ones and move onto our designated level of the 5th.  (For more information on this topic, see “What We Know About Life After Death” on the Home Page of this website.)

I clarify my remarks with “to the best of my understanding at this time.” There are many who are more evolved than I who can transcend dimensions at will. My discussion is about my experience. We are all on different points in our journey. Our task is to honor that journey and enjoy where we are while continually raising our vibrations to progress.

The universe is complex and multi layered, which our limited human minds are just beginning to comprehend. Our current knowledge is only what is relevant for us at this time. I accept that and understand that there is so much more. Even the information I am provided by my guide, Avedar, is limited to what I need to know now, despite my always asking for more.


The Dragon Clan

My role on the 5th dimension, once I die, will be to rejoin my Dragon Clan and fight the dark dragons there. I had no memories of my dragon connection until they were triggered by Avedar, my dragon guide, years ago. It took some time for me to fully grasp my future since I am non violent and the idea of killing difficult to grasp. After years of living with this information and directed to read paranormal novels that portrayed killing to protect the greater good, I began to accept my role. I am told that some training occurs at night, although I have no recollection when awake.

I will also be resuming my leadership position with Avedar within the Clan. There are many other beings on this level assisting with activities on Earth. None of us can interfere without a request for help, and even then we can not eliminate a threat on the 3rd dimension directly. Our Clan is assisting to eliminate dark forces on this 5th dimension who are currently influencing ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups on Earth. Our focus is mainly in the areas of Syria and Iraq with some extension into Lebanon and surrounding areas of Turkey, Jordan and others directly affected by ISIS fighters. We cannot kill humans. We can only kill other dimensional beings who are influencing the terrorists.

These dark, literally, beings are on the same level of the 5th as we are.  No one with darkness gets higher than this. While we can reach higher, they cannot. This is a level where they can more directly influence the 3rd dimension. We choose to remain here in order to eliminate the threat that has been building over time. Once that is accomplished, we will move higher, unless other action calls for our assistance.

There is hope that as humans are moving forward, or upward, in Earth’s evolution, our elimination of these dark forces will be effective in softening some of the darkness surrounding earth. That does not mean the end of evil on Earth but may be the end of this particular group that has been so successful because of the assistance from above. They are unaware of this assistance but have been targeted by the dark dragon forces. They have received more help than any other group, which is why they are so successful and violent.

Avedar and I help balance the masculine and feminine, a requirement on the 5th. The dark Clan also has both males and females but is more skewed to the masculine, which is part of the problem with the violence. The group can survive because this level “allows” darkness as a last resort for those hoping to gain more power. But they continue to be negative, so we are the equalizer for our kind. We police our own.

To eliminate the strong influence of the dark dragons, we must kill them. They have a choice. If they choose light, they are saved. If not, they are gone. We do not decide, they do. The killing is done through strong light energy sent to them in relatively close proximity. We must be near enough to them so they can make a decision. The light we use is similar to that of the Star Wars’ lightsabers except we use our own energy, no device. Our energy must be “pure,” not tainted with anger, indecision or revenge. There is danger but we never go in alone and do not take unnecessary risks. This is not a hero-type environment. We observe, assess, then attack.

Avedar and I participate in the killing in order to understand the difficulty and degree of darkness facing our Clan. At this point, we see a lessening of the strength of the influence but no indication of an ending. We will not be eliminating evil on Earth since that will never happen in the current 3rd dimension, but we help allow easier choices, meaning not so tainted, for humans. Again, we cannot kill any terrorists directly on Earth, only those dragons affecting them.

There is a continual light and dark struggle on Earth, as well as on this level of the 5th dimension. Our Clan agreed to come to this lower level to help. There will always be negativity, but the dark dragons exert too much influence and are trying to destroy us to gain more control on Earth. We are not the aggressors in this battle, but the defenders of good.


Dragons and More

During the early years when receiving information from Avedar, my dragon guide, on the work to eliminate the dark dragons, I had no other confirmation. After writing the “Dragon Clan” article, I discovered additional data. I am always amazed, but should not continue to be, at how the right guidance arrives at the right time. We all receive messages when we need them. I need to remember that truth.

The first additional data found was “The Truth about 9 Alien Species You Never Knew” on spiritualunite.com (sourced from ufoholic.com documentary “The Others”). I will provide only a brief overview of each species, just to allow readers to see the diversity of aliens around us. These beings are on this 3rd dimension, although some have access to higher dimensions as well. This is not an exhaustive list of either the helpful aliens or the negative forces surrounding us. Many of us do not remember any contact with either group, but they both exist in this dimension.



The Lyrans may be our oldest ancestors. They are technologically advanced, and may be the gods mentioned in ancient texts. They are depicted as tall with blue eyes and blonde hair.


Some classify the Arcturians as 5th dimension beings and as one of the oldest in our galaxy who have reached an advanced state. Often described as 3-5 feet tall with large heads, greenish skin and three fingers on each hand, they have a spaceship orbiting earth in their role as protectors of humans.


Many believe this group is located in a city under Mt. Shasta, California and are described as tall, blonde humanoids.

Alpha Centaurians

Technologically advanced and highly intelligent beings who have evolved into an aquatic species with gills and webbed limbs, they may have bases operating in our oceans and lakes.


This group may be one of our most active supporters. Their home is the Pleiades Star Cluster. While some reports claim that they disavow being our protectors, they supposedly warned us about the dangers of the Grey aliens with whom they seem to be fighting here and in other star systems.

The Bad Guys

Tall Greys

These are the ones we know from many of the TV shows, who are 8 feet tall. They are the masterminds behind most of the human abductions, although they mostly rely on the Short Greys, whom they created, to do their work.


They are said to have landed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago in order to mine the gold and minerals and supposedly created Homo sapiens to do their heavy work. They are also believed to be in conflict with the Draconians for control of Earth.


These are vile and corrupt creatures. They are 14-22 feet tall, weighing as much as 2,000 pounds. Covered in leathery scales, and may or may not have wings, they are also very intelligent. They consider humans as inferior and continue to exploit us.

Native Reptilians

These beings are believed to be indigenous to Earth. They are 8 feet tall lizards with green scales and a foul body odor. Many believe they influence most of our institutions.


Initially any reptilian reference, even in the spiritualunite article, was negative, but I had already discovered that in my original research, as documented in my novel. What I did not know before reading Michelle Walling‘s “Reptilians” (MichelleWalling.com) is that the original Reptilians were Draconian, or dragons. Over time, they divided into two groups, those that are still war-like and those who are a powerful positive force in creating new civilizations. As she points out, “The Reptilian souls on Earth today are often from 5D evolved races that are here to remedy the negative influences from past reptilian beings.” This corroborated my information.

Despite the negative forces, and there are certainly numerous dark creatures around us, there are as many others, as mentioned above, who are positive and on Earth to help, both on this dimension and above. We need to continue to reach out to them.


The Temple, Housing and Environment

To better comprehend this group of dragons, here is a brief description of their Temple, housing, and environment. Their space exists on a lower level of the 5th dimension, and I have no information about whether or not other such places exist on this same level or on higher vibrations. My understanding is that only this Clan exists within this described place.

Their Temple, the central and most prominent building, is a large, white structure with a cross plan of a circular room in the center and a large opening above, large enough for dragons to fly in and out. The circular, open area will fit up to 10 dragons at once and there are rooms, or rather, balconied areas off to each of three sides, surrounding the staging area. On the 4th side, able to be seen by each of the other three is a platform consisting of one raised structure with space for 3-4 dragons. Dragons rarely sit as humans do but hunch on hind legs and rest that way. The raised area is for anyone who wishes to speak to the assembled dragons. The Temple is for this Clan, of approximately 500, although only about half of them can fit at any one time.

Imagine a large gathering assembled overlooking the arena area and the raised structure. There is no spiritual guide, other than the Clan leaders who also serve that role. Most of the time, however, dragons simply go within to tap into their higher source. The Temple provides quiet time to do that. They also “meditate” as humans do on their own, but when they wish for company, they simply visit the Temple and quietly find a space. There is no need for discussion with others, although that is encouraged if desired.

The Temple and all that is within is white. The construction material is not similar to any Earth material, but the Temple is a defined space that was created and will disappear when they leave. They don’t pollute or clutter. There are no other objects within, other than the raised platform and the balconied risers. As leader of the Clan, Avedar is afforded a space on the ground level within the Temple. If he chooses to speak, he uses the platformed area. Otherwise, he simply goes to his space. I join him when I visit in my meditations.

His abode, or home, is of the same construction material as the Temple, and has a simple open plan with big windows but no glass or coverings. Housing units are much smaller than the Temple and with a different design. There are about 300 or more such structures in a circular shape around the Temple.  They can create, relocate or “disassemble” any structure at any time as is necessary or needed. The entrance to each abode is through a large opening in one side and there are windows on two sides with a fourth solid wall opposite the entrance. A three-quarter Center wall separates one room from the open plan of the remaining space. There are small platforms near each window where one can relax and look out at the surrounding structures. Nothing else is needed within the homes. They are used simply for alone time and a place to rest.  Dragons have no need of food or drink.

Most of the dragons are over 8 feet tall, although not as “heavy” or solid as beings on Earth. The Clan members are mostly shades of white with some gold touches on their wingtips. They all have wings and fly. To human eyes, they would be translucent.

They are a close community and enjoy spending time together in support of one another both in the fighting and while at rest. They have partners and children, although few young dragons are on this level of the 5th dimension. I have no further information at this time, other than a brief mention in my novel, of any sexual activity involving the dragons, but they do produce young. In my visits during meditation, I feel embraced by an unconditional love from all of the dragons and a strong sense of belonging. Not sure if I have ever experienced that same intensity in this lifetime on Earth.

The environment surrounding the complex is mostly open with few distinguishing features. This space was created to use as they perform their current task. The fighting takes place away from their designated space. They can leave at any time for relaxation from the fighting, or just to get away, either alone or with others within the Clan. When they leave the community space, they can either fly in dragon form, teleport and appear almost instantly at the desired destination, or become an orb of light to travel wherever they choose. The choice is usually a personal one, unless there is some demand for their presence that would necessitate teleporting or orbing. For relaxation, they often fly to a terrain with mountains, lakes and lush green valleys, similar to such places on Earth, except uninhabited. Once I was allowed, in meditation, to visit such a place but was given no further details.

All dragons of this Clan on this level of the 5th are there to do a job. This is not permanent and the Clan will join others when their fighting task is done. That time frame is not clear in their domain so trying to figure out if it will be 100 years more or less is wasted energy. Time/space is fluid on the 5th dimension. They stay until they leave.


The Dragons and the Fae

One of my spiritual guides, Balthasar, has been with me for many years. As with my dragon guide, Balthasar is not visible to me. Only a year ago did I learn, from him, that he is a fairy, a member of the Fae. He is a multidimensional being and can function in the third dimension. I have never seen him, except during an energy healing when I sensed/saw a young man standing at the foot of the table with spiked hair. He later confirmed he was that being and that he was Fae, and he did have spiked hair. He claims he has pointed ears and is shining, neither of which I observed, although since I saw him only as a hazy image, that may have been his shining. Most of the Fae that are part of his group look fairly human and many, according to him, function in this third dimension. I have never knowingly seen any. Spike, as I call him and he seems to like, serves as a messenger from the 5th. Since he is a multidimensional being and is more aware of 3rd dimensional concerns, if I have questions about my writing or work on this level, I am more apt to get answers, if available to me, from him.

I will use his words to answer my questions:

Do the Fae live in a parallel universe?

They live in a vibration above the 3D you are currently in and between the 3rd and 5th dimensions but not seen by all. The universe has many dimensions. I am multidimensional, so it might seem as if I am in a parallel universe but not exactly. This is similar to, for instance, the helpful Arcturians who live in a higher vibration of this 3D but do not live in the lower 5D that Avedar is in. The Fae can traverse both.

Do Dark Fae exist, as do the dark dragons? Are you one of the Light?

With the Fae, the distinction is not that simple. There is light and dark within each of us, but whichever one dominates will be the one that shows through. The dark are not all bad, as in the dark dragons. I am of the light with, as said, some dark inside, as are most beings below the 6th dimension. Even Avedar has some dark, but very little and he can control that as he chooses, which is typical of the 5th. In order to kill, one must tap into a darkness within. The challenge is to not let that dark dominate. It is why Avedar’s Dragon Clan had to come down to the lower 5th in order to eliminate the dark dragons. Such an action could not take place on a higher vibration.

A quotation from a book Into The Fae of the Gypsy Healers Series by Quinn Loftis, poses a sentiment I have also seen elsewhere. Is this true for the Fae?

“…a great power comes with responsibility…what should be added to that saying was that with great responsibility must come an even greater self-control. For those with great power often seem to lack the power of self-control.”

This is true for the Fae as well all other beings and continues to be a challenge until the higher dimensions, a lesson to be learned in all of the lower vibrations.

What is your relationship with the Dragon Clan?

We have an alliance with the dragons. The Fae fight alongside the Dragon Clan in the lower 5th dimension, but our role is more advisory, such as providing info from the 3rd dimension that assists us to determine “where,” since location and time are different here, to meet and eliminate the dark dragons. Fighting evil, here and there, is my role also, not actual fighting but gathering data for future use.

Why must there be killings in the 3rd and 5th dimensions?

To help balance the 3rd dimensional world, to help eliminate the dark and assist in the spiritual evolution of humans. The blood shed signifies an ending and shows that a willing sacrifice has been made, such as in an oath. This is a sacrifice since killing is difficult for lower 5D, and all 5D, beings. Willingness to go to that extreme signifies an understanding of the need to maintain balances. Action/reaction – nothing happens without consequences. Everyone pays a price, however large or small. The universal laws apply. The Fae adhere, as do the Dragon Clan, to universal rules.


A Psychopomp

A psychopomp is a guide of souls, a being who helps the deceased pass into the light. These guides, as I understand, are spirits, angels or other entities.  While I am not, of course, an ethereal being, years ago a psychic friend told me that I would be such a helper. I wrote about this, briefly, in my novel As the Light of Venus Rose, describing how she predicted I would fly between the worlds to help. At the time, I had no idea what that meant. Gradually, however, I began to see myself, in meditation or while sitting quietly, go into what I imagined was part of the 4th dimension. It was never scary. I saw this as a large gray cave-like structure in which souls were mingling about or huddling in corners. The souls also seemed to be of a grayish hue, smallish in stature with an amorphous shape. I understood these were people who had died quickly and didn’t quite comprehend what was happening, such as kids and adults who died in an accident or natural disaster. While not all who die suddenly feel lost or confused, it is not surprising that some do.

I would stand as a being of light and put out my left hand, saying “Take my hand, I will guide you” as I showed them to the brilliant light opening to my right, a doorway that would take them to their loved ones and future.

After a year or so of my activity, I noticed that once I quieted and imagined entering the gray cave-like area, I felt Avedar’s presence, as if he were standing behind me with his wings encompassing me as I helped the souls. He didn’t do or say anything, I just felt him while I remained there. His nearness seemed to strengthen my guiding light. Gradually, I began to feel myself glowing brighter, as if I were surrounded with a shining light to help ease the souls. Nothing else changed, I still reached out my left hand and pointed with my right, guiding them. I sensed that my heightened glow made it easier for them to respond and embrace the shining opening they saw, knowing it would take them to loved ones. I never sensed pain or sadness from the deceased, just a confusion that seemed to be resolved once they were provided a direction.

There was never any discussion with any of the souls. Knowing this was probably a 4th dimension plane, I guess I wouldn’t expect words. I never sensed any telepathic communication either. My role was not a personal one of connecting with these deceased, just a role of being there in a non ego-way to show them a path. I knew there were others also performing this role, although I never saw or sensed them. I never performed this function on any regular basis. Maybe once a month, maybe more often but never with any discernible pattern, I would sense the need to quiet and enter this gray cave-like area. I would see souls either alone or in groups and reach out to them. Sometimes there would be only a few, other times I would encourage large groups to join hands and pass through the light together. I can’t explain how or why, that just seemed to be a function of how many souls needed assistance. I would often feel compelled to assist after a local tragedy or a global one if the death toll had been large.

Again, I felt that my role and that of others like me was to assist those whose death came too fast for them to process what had occurred. I do not believe that was true for all who died suddenly but was reminded of what I learned from my research on death – no one ever faces the afterlife without help. These souls and all souls have guidance to help them find the light and their loved ones, even if that guidance is just a conduit to those waiting. No one dies alone.