Exploring Life After Life


 Cheryl A Chatfield, Ph.D. is a speaker, author and teacher. Her spiritual quest, research and writings culminated in her work of exploring life beyond death. Previously, she spent years in public school teaching and administration, owned and operated two stock brokerage firms, and taught at universities in New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia and Connecticut.

Her current work is an extension of her published books on the 7 Cosmic Principles (see Do It Yourself Guide To Spirituality: Seven Simple Steps and The Lost Principles). See her website 7spiritualguidesforliving.com for further discussion of the universal principles. See her most recent blog on amysticjourney.com for a journey into the world of the mystic.


As The Light of Venus Rose, a novel

Do It Yourself Guide to Spirituality: Seven Simple Steps

The Lost Principles, a novel

Don’t Fall Off the Bicycle: Balancing Chaos and Order in our Lives

The Trust Factor: The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century

All books available on Amazon.

Contact: CherylAChatfield@gmail.com

Workshops available. Please contact me.


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