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Seven Cosmic Principles

What if there were seven spiritual principles that shaped our lives? What if these principles encompassed all religions, were available without the need of a spiritual leader, had ancient origins and could be used to develop a personal spiritual answer with a practical application to daily life? Might they provide some guidance to our youth struggling to find meaning in a difficult world?

Years ago I read about these Seven Cosmic Principles in The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians and wrote about them in my book Do It Yourself Guide to Spirituality: Seven Simple Steps. I present a modified version of that information here in order to explain to our youth that there is an organization to our universe and rules to follow that apply to everything.

The Seven Cosmic, or Universal, Principles:

1. Everything and Everyone is Connected

We are all interrelated. The smallest atom and the largest galactic unit are connected and governed by the same rules. We are part of everything around us, and everything is part of us. This shows us that we are not alone.

2. Everything Happens for a Reason

”What goes around, comes around.” There is order to our seemingly chaotic world, even if that order is not always apparent. There is a cause and effect, a reaction to every action. Life is governed by law and order.

3. We Change

Science teaches us that the world vibrates, and we vibrate. This applies to everything in the universe. Since vibration is not static, this causes  change. Transition is a normal part of life, not something to be feared.

4. We Move in a Pattern

There is a moving rhythm to life: Seasons change, tides rise and fall, day turns to night. Patterns affect all of life. We move within a defined and recurring pattern.

5. We Progress

Our pattern, however, is not static. Just as vibrations change, the pattern governing our lives moves in a circle. This is not a closed cycle but one that spirals upward so that we can and do progress.

6. We Strive for Balance

Everything has its opposite. There is polarity, or two extremes, in the world and the universe. Our challenge is to find the middle ground, the median point, and avoid the extremes. We should search for moderation in every emotion, every decision, every activity.

7. We Create

Sex attraction governs our lives and the universe. Life is creation. But this is not just the “sex” of a limited male/female physical encounter. Sex attraction unites the masculine and feminine characteristics within us. As an extension of the previous principle of opposites, we strive for a balance of the masculine and feminine within. This allows us to create new ideas, as well as life.


Each of the Seven Cosmic Principles can be traced back to the beginning of known time, to the earliest philosophies and beliefs, reflecting ideas from Plato, the Gnostics, ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, among others. Records place the origin of these Cosmic Principles at least as far back as 3000 BCE, and perhaps further.

Again, might these Cosmic, or universal, principles help anyone searching for answers in life and provide some direction to our youth who are struggling to find some sense and purpose in their lives? Knowing there are rules that govern and guide our lives can be a comforting concept.


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Everyday Spirituality

Spirituality is our life. Whatever we are doing, and our tasks are varied, we connect to a belief in something greater than ourselves. We don’t need an organized religion, only a belief that surrounds us and is our strength, a strength not just in times of stress but in our everyday lives.

There are many definitions of God, Allah, Great Spirit or whatever term we choose. Many of us grew up with a belief in a Theist God, one who ruled and judged our lives, or another entity with equally limiting conditions. Today those views have evolved to a more encompassing force that transcends the Universe.

Know your God, that feeling you get when you rise above the daily demands and feel at peace within. Know your God, trust that knowing. Don’t get lost in the search. A definition is not necessary, a connection is. A definition is intellectual, a connection is emotional. Feel it standing at the ocean’s edge with your feet in the sand as if your soul were being cleansed. Feel it driving through the mountains, highlighting a feeling of insignificance and humility.  Feel it working in your garden as your hands touch the earth, revealing a connection beyond your comprehension. Whatever your experience, whatever your spiritual awareness, feel the love and warmth. Incorporate them into your daily world.

Our spirituality gives us a reason to care, a reason to go on, a reason to help others. Sometimes that simplicity eludes us as we struggle to move through our complex days. Being open allows us to move forward. Everyone has a particular vocation, such as a counselor, healer, teacher, business leader, community leader, homemaker, sports coach, behind-the scene helper sending out prayers or energy to the universe, or something else. There is no one purpose, nor any defined parameters. As long as we are doing what our hearts know is right,  we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, even if the outward trappings look different than originally imagined.

Each of us is responsible for our spirituality. Our tasks are very significant on a very small scale, simply following our beliefs on a daily basis, which is living our spirituality.