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Everyday Spirituality

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Spirituality is our life. Whatever we are doing, and our tasks are varied, we connect to a belief in something greater than ourselves. We don’t need an organized religion, only a belief that surrounds us and is our strength, a strength not just in times of stress but in our everyday lives.

There are many definitions of God, Allah, Great Spirit or whatever term we choose. Many of us grew up with a belief in a Theist God, one who ruled and judged our lives, or another entity with equally limiting conditions. Today those views have evolved to a more encompassing force that transcends the Universe.

Know your God, that feeling you get when you rise above the daily demands and feel at peace within. Know your God, trust that knowing. Don’t get lost in the search. A definition is not necessary, a connection is. A definition is intellectual, a connection is emotional. Feel it standing at the ocean’s edge with your feet in the sand as if your soul were being cleansed. Feel it driving through the mountains, highlighting a feeling of insignificance and humility.  Feel it working in your garden as your hands touch the earth, revealing a connection beyond your comprehension. Whatever your experience, whatever your spiritual awareness, feel the love and warmth. Incorporate them into your daily world.

Our spirituality gives us a reason to care, a reason to go on, a reason to help others. Sometimes that simplicity eludes us as we struggle to move through our complex days. Being open allows us to move forward. Everyone has a particular vocation, such as a counselor, healer, teacher, business leader, community leader, homemaker, sports coach, behind-the scene helper sending out prayers or energy to the universe, or something else. There is no one purpose, nor any defined parameters. As long as we are doing what our hearts know is right,  we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, even if the outward trappings look different than originally imagined.

Each of us is responsible for our spirituality. Our tasks are very significant on a very small scale, simply following our beliefs on a daily basis, which is living our spirituality.

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